Just a little update really

So guys, i know we are in summer now and i havent really posted in the las few weeks to months. I really just have a hard time keeping myself motivated when i just cannot create the content i wan´t to create.i would need a photographer or someone assisting me with the photography part of the buissness but i just don´t know anyone who could help me.

I had a blog for the last 7-8 years and was never able to quite create what i wanted to create but that will change hopefully change soon.

i love this format of just blusting out all the shit i think about and all the pictures i enjoy looking at.

i will keep you (imaginary) guys posted!

working like crazy

I am very sad, that i can’t post the content i would like to post because i just don’t have the time right now. I have to learn for university and have to earn some money. I hope that i soon am able to bring this blog to the level i would like to see it on!

I have some Hauls and Stylings prepared, i just need someone who could take the pictures for me.

I would love to create an amazing blog like i always dreamt of but in the moment it is really difficult.