About this and that

First of all i think this blog project kind of died. I realized, that I am not able to do it properly with pictures of myself, what i bought and what i wore but i still want to continue writing on this blog whenever i feel like it.

Thanks to school, I don´t really have the time to post on a regular basis which is probably not really a problem since i am basically my only reader ;) Just kidding! From now on whenever i find something that inspires me in whatever way i will post it on here.

I will also do a Q&A post so you guys can get to know me a little better. I hope one day this blog will be what i want it to be but till then i will basically use it as an Inspiration Diary.

Well, to a new beginning or whatever this is. (i will basically continue posting the stuff i’ve posted before)

Greetings from wintery Berlin,



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