Christmas Wishlist

because you can´t begin to think about that early enough!

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. i badly need some new winter boots, these are from Stradivarius
  2. i had the same pair of glasses for the last 7 years and have to get some new ones, these are by Ace and Tate
  3. Since going to university makes me bring my macbook more often i need a new handbag that is roomy enough for that, this one is by Freepeople
  4. just i twinset i really liked, its by kendall and kylie for Pacsun
  5. i need a new phone sooo bad because i still use my shattered old iPhone 4 which does not work properly anymore, this is the ZTE Blade V7
  6. some fresh new sunnies, also by Ace and Tate
  7. for the same reason as the bag i need this to protect my macbook when carrying it to uni, you can find those on amazon

Some of these things i will try to buy myself and some i will really put on my wishlist for christmas.

Also: i will soon make a post of fashion pieces i want to elevate my style! stay tuned.



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