Brand new Year

First of all i want to wish you guys a happy new year! May all your wishes and dreams come true!

For me i have to be honest, my year 2017 wasn’t as bad as everybody else proclaims it was. I graduated Highschool, i started uni, i am still in a relationship with my boyfriend, i went to my first festival and sort of started to model.

I had a very good year. Even though there were also times when i struggled hard but thats life.

I want to achieve a lot in 2017 and i definitely want to work harder on myself and in life! Nothing comes easy. I have learned that. I think it is not that long ago that i posted this picture and i don’t think everything on it is true but the majority i would to change!


I wish you all the best! May this year be the best we ever had!

Page 2/365 here we go


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