Everyday essentials

So guys, if i want to stay focused and put together, i will need a few products and things around me.

I am a typical List-maker so i can literally not do anything without my notebook and pencil case. Glasses are self explanatory but especially sitting in uni all day starring on powerpoint presentations, i really need them.

To keep myself feeling pretty i need handcreme and lip balm (especially in this cold weather right now) and a lipstick to touch up.  I obviously also need my wallet, phone and keys.


lip balm – https://www.bigelowchemists.com/

lipstick – https://www.maccosmetics.de/

handcreme – https://www.soapandglory.com/https://www.soapandglory.com/






Today I spend my free Sunday in the best way possible. READING. My father brought home an international new york times from Athene. And I also could not keep myself from buying a new book ;)

Also, these are my brand new glasses from Ace & Tate and they are called Damien.

You can buy them here

Currently the best Series: NEO YOKIO​

MV5BMTg3MjM4MjExOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDk0OTY0MzI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,686,1000_AL_There is really not much for me to say about this series other than it is an artistic masterpiece. This series has everything. Theres Fashion, High Society, Bloggers and (most importantly) demons and demon Slayers.

I love the visuells as well as how it is written. The colour scheme and the Voices could not get any better. A real instituition in the blogging world, Tavi Gevinson, speaks the fashion blogger Helena and i love it.

There are unfortunately only 6 episodes à 23 Minutes but its still great.

Heres the Official Trailer:

Official Neo Yokio Trailer – Netflix

Oktober Books

It’s colder now and you are more likely spending more time at home or inside in general. In times like this, I honestly love nothing more than to cuddle up, drink a shit load of black tea ( i will show you my favorite one) and read.

Yesterday I spend my Sunday with my father in my favorite bookshop in Berlin called langerblomqvist ( its located in Reinhardtstraße 17; 10117 Berlin).

Here is what I bought/ read:


I will keep you guys updated on my Goodreads how I like the books.www.goodreads.com/helensophie

P.S. if you like my nail art in the first picture I can post a tutorial on this look.

My favorite blogs about Success and how to build a career

1.Optimal Living Daily:

The big number one is actually not really a blog but a Podcast and also just curates the best blog posts and then reads them to you. if you are anything like me and you need a little daily pick me up, then this is the perfect thing for you. The daily content varies from posts about money, work, minimalism or how not to procrastinate.  but they are all one thing: unbelievably inspiring!

                                 m93DSyNQ                                                                                                                                    Check it out! Click here…

2. The Beehive:

This one is the blog to the new app called bumble which is supposed to be a dating app where you can also meet future business partners or investors and where the women have to write first or the man cant write at all. The concept is amazing and really supports female careerists.  They not only give tips how to properly dress for a meeting or how to effectively self-promote but give you so much much more career advises.

                 bumble                 check it out! click here..


If you haven’t heard of Sophia Amoruso, you must live under a rock. Famous for here super cool online boutique ‘Nasty Gal’ and here uber famous book also called ‘Girlboss’, she really showed us all that you can be super successful if you have a passion and willingness to work your ass off. This list wouldn’t be complete without her.

check her blog out!! click here for the blog…